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PXI/PXIe RF Multiplexer, Single 16-Channel, Terminated, 8GHz, 50Ω, SMA

PXI/PXIe RF Multiplexer, Single 16-Channel, Terminated, 8GHz, 50Ω, SMA

Introducing an advanced multiplexer, the PXI/PXIe model, boasting a 50 Ohm impedance, 16 to 1 configuration, and an impressive bandwidth of 8GHz. This multiplexer comes equipped with an automatic termination feature for unused channels, ensuring optimal signal integrity.



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  • Offered in PXI or PXIe module formats
  • Covers a broad frequency range from 10MHz to 8GHz
  • Equipped with high-performance solid-state switches
  • Available in both 8 to 1 and 16 to 1 multiplexer configurations
  • Features automatic termination of unused multiplexer channels
  • Capable of handling input powers up to +36dBm
  • Demonstrates excellent crosstalk and isolation performance
  • Utilizes SMA coaxial connectors
  • Includes drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems, with support for real-time systems
  • Compatible with PXI or LXI chassis platforms


The PXI model, designated as 40-883B-002, and its PXIe counterpart, known as 42-883B-002, are advanced RF multiplexers featuring a single 16 to 1 configuration. With a remarkable bandwidth of 8GHz and an automatic termination feature for unused signal channels, these multiplexers are highly versatile. They are available in two different configurations: 8 to 1 for the PXI version and 16 to 1 for the PXIe version, occupying either two or three slots respectively.

These multiplexers demonstrate exceptional performance throughout their entire operating frequency range, maintaining low VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) and consistent insertion loss characteristics, which remain flat. By utilizing solid-state switches, these multiplexers ensure an extended service life without any wear out mechanism. Consequently, they are particularly well-suited for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems that demand frequent and swift RF switching operations.

In addition to their impressive features, this RF multiplexer possesses the ability to handle RF input powers of up to +36dBm. It is also capable of sustaining repeated hot switching without experiencing any degradation in performance.


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PXI/PXIe RF Multiplexer, Single 16-Channel, Terminated, 8GHz, 50Ω, SMA

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