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3U/6U PXIe Chassis

3U/6U PXIe Chassis

  • A 14-slot chassis accommodating both 3U and 6U PXI Express cards, equipped with a 4×4 Gen2 backplane.
  • Designed to house a single 3U PXIe controller, one 3U PXIe, three 3U hybrid, two PXI-1, and seven 6U hybrid slot compatible instruments.
  • Includes a built-in hard disk drive, making it ideal for embedded controller configurations.
  • Incorporates integral Smart functions for internal temperature monitoring, power supply monitoring, fan control, and PXI trigger mapping.
  • Offers optional configurations such as a cable tray, recessed card cage, and hinged front panel, catering to mass interconnect devices.
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  • Versatile Power Supply: The chassis accepts input AC power within the range of 90 – 264 VAC, accommodating a wide variety of power sources. It operates at frequencies ranging from 47 to 63 Hz, with a maximum current draw of 11 A, incorporating Power Factor Correction (PFC) for efficient power usage.
  • Ample DC Power: Offering a total available DC power capacity of 650 W, the chassis efficiently distributes power across various voltage rails:
    • +5 V: Supporting up to 60 A (max)
    • +3.3 V: Delivering a maximum of 40 A
    • +12 V: Providing up to 35 A
    • -12 V: Capable of supplying a maximum of 5 A
  • Adaptive Dimensions: With varying configurations, the GX7100e Series chassis adapts to different form factors:
    • GX7100e and GX7110e: Compact 4U (7″) height, 17.6″ width, and 16″ depth.
    • GX7102e and GX7112e: Extended 6U (10.5″) height, 17.6″ width, and 23″ depth.
  • Efficient Cooling: The chassis employs a robust cooling system, featuring eight 20 CFM fans dedicated to instrument cooling and an additional fan to ensure the system power supply stays within optimal operating temperatures.
  • Clock Integration: An integrated 10 MHz PXI clock with auto-detect functionality simplifies clock management. The chassis automatically detects the presence of an external 10 MHz PXI clock, disabling the internal clock if necessary. The PXI clock is seamlessly distributed to all peripheral slots. Optionally, an external clock can be supplied via slot 2 or the rear panel’s 10 MHz input.
  • Precise Monitoring: With seven temperature sensors centrally positioned across segment A, the chassis provides real-time temperature monitoring at a rate of one reading per second per sensor. A 4-second moving average value ensures accuracy within ±1 °C. Users can customize alarm criteria for maximum and average slot temperatures, with the flexibility to program warning and shutdown limits via the software driver. An audible alarm alerts users to warning limit conditions.
  • Voltage Oversight: The chassis monitors critical voltages, including 3.3, 5, +12, -12, and VIO values, maintaining accuracy within ±1% of the reading.
  • Flexible Trigger Management: Supporting triggers for slots 2 – 14, the chassis offers eight triggers per segment. Software-controlled segment mapping empowers users to isolate trigger lines within a segment and map trigger lines between segments A and B.
  • Configurable Slots: With a mix of 3U and 6U slots, the chassis’s slot configuration accommodates a range of peripherals, including PXI-1, PXIe, and hybrid options. This flexibility caters to a wide array of application needs.
  • Ample Storage: The GX7100e and GX7102e models come equipped with a minimum 500 GB hard drive spinning at 7200 rpm, offering sufficient storage capacity for data and applications.
  • Operational Silence: When operating at the Auto or High fan setting within a 23°C ambient environment, the chassis maintains a low acoustic noise level of less than 40 dBA at the operator level, ensuring a comfortable workspace.
  • Robust Temperature Range: The chassis is designed for operation in challenging environments, with an operational temperature range spanning from 0°C to +50°C.
  • Reliable Storage Conditions: With a storage temperature range of -20°C to +60°C, the chassis ensures data integrity and equipment protection during storage or transit.

The GX7100e Series comprises 14-slot combination PXIe chassis, offering a space-saving solution for various PXIe applications. These chassis can accommodate a 3U PXIe embedded controller or a MXI express controller, along with a combination of 3U and 6U PXI/PXIe instruments, all within a compact 4U rack space. The unique design includes seven 6U slots and seven 3U slots positioned horizontally, reducing the chassis’s overall size while providing the flexibility and high-density capability required for a wide range of PXI/PXIe applications. The backplane architecture supports Gen 2, 4×4 PCI Express bus signaling, and is compatible with both x1 and x4 system controllers. With a combination of PXI-1, Hybrid, and Express slots, the GX7100e Series offers unparalleled flexibility for general-purpose and high-bandwidth testing needs.


The GX7100e Series is equipped with a range of features and options, including an innovative forced-air cooling system driven by eight 20 CFM fans controlled by built-in temperature sensors. These fans ensure proper airflow according to PXI revision 2.1 specifications, regardless of the type or number of instruments in use. The chassis also provides additional cooling for the system power supply.

The GX7100e Smart Chassis supports the monitoring of internal chassis temperatures, system power supply voltages, and offers the ability to program or map PXI trigger lines from one PCI segment to another. Users can customize temperature monitoring settings for specific warning and shutdown limits. All user configurations can be stored in non-volatile memory, serving as the default setup for regular chassis operation.

For applications requiring efficient cable routing to and from the rear of the chassis, the GX7100e Series offers an integrated 2U cable tray, a hinged front-panel compatible with popular mass interconnect devices, optional openings for cable routing at the top and bottom of the chassis, and the option to recess PXI instruments by 2.5″ or 5″. This combination of features provides up to 8″ of space for interface wiring.

The GX7100e Series delivers 650 W of system power and complies with the PXI Hardware Specification PXI-5, Rev. 2.0.

Chassis Specifications:

  • Input AC Power: Supports 90 – 264 VAC input voltage with a frequency range of 47 – 63 Hz. Maximum current draw is 11 A with Power Factor Correction (PFC).
  • Total Available DC Power: Provides 650 W power capacity, distributed as follows:
    • +5 V: 60 A (max)
    • +3.3 V: 40 A (max)
    • +12 V: 35 A (max)
    • -12 V: 5 A (max) Note: The total PXI power must not exceed 650 W.
  • Weight:
    • GX7100e: 26 lbs
    • GX7110e: 23 lbs
    • GX7102e: 28 lbs
    • GX7112e: 25 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    • GX7100e and GX7110e: 4U (7″) H x 17.6″ W x 16″ D
    • GX7102e and GX7112e: 6U (10.5″) H x 17.6″ W x 23″ D
  • Cooling: Equipped with eight 20 CFM fans for instruments and an additional fan dedicated to the system power supply.
  • PXI Clock: Features an integrated 10 MHz PXI clock with auto-detect functionality. The presence of an external 10 MHz PXI clock will disable the internal clock. The PXI clock is distributed to all peripheral slots. Optionally, an external clock can be supplied via slot 2 or the rear panel’s 10 MHz input.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Includes seven temperature sensors centrally located across segment A, providing one reading per second per sensor. A 4-second moving average value is calculated. Users can select alarm criteria, including maximum slot temperature and average slot temperature. Accuracy is within ±1 °C, and default warning and shutdown limits are set at +50 °C and +70 °C, respectively. These limits are programmable via the software driver. The status can be queried through the software driver, with an audible alarm for warning limit conditions.
  • Power Supply Monitoring: Monitors voltages such as 3.3, 5, +12, -12, and VIO values with an accuracy of ±1% of the reading.
  • PXI Triggers: Supports triggers for slots 2 – 14, with eight triggers available per segment. Software-controlled segment mapping enables isolating a trigger line within a segment and mapping trigger lines between segments A and B.
  • Slot Configuration:
    • (7) 6U PXI hybrid peripheral slots
    • (1) 3U PXIe controller slot
    • (1) 3U PXIe peripheral slot
    • (2) 3U PXI-1 peripheral slots
    • (3) 3U PXIe peripheral hybrid slots

GX7100e / GX7102e Peripherals:

  • Includes a 500 GB (minimum) hard drive spinning at 7200 rpm.

Environmental Specifications:

  • Acoustic Noise: At the operator level, 12 inches from the front of the unit, the chassis operates at < 40 dBA when set to the Auto or High fan setting at a 23°C ambient temperature.
  • Operating Temperature: The chassis is designed for operation within a temperature range of 0°C to +50°C.
  • Storage Temperature: The chassis can be stored within a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.


  • Slot 1 (3U): Dedicated to the system controller (embedded or remote, using a PXIe bus expander).
  • Slot 2: Usable for a PXIe or cPCIe peripheral.
  • Slots 3 and 4: Support 3U PXI-1 peripherals.
  • Slots 5-7: Support 3U PXI hybrid slot compatible peripherals.
  • Slots 8-14: Support 6U hybrid slot compatible peripherals.

Programming and Software:

The chassis includes the GxChassis software, providing software libraries, drivers, programming examples, virtual panel applications, and documentation. The virtual panel enables control, configuration, and display of the smart chassis features, including temperature monitoring, trigger line mapping, and power supply voltage monitoring. A 32/64-bit Windows DLL driver is supplied with interface files for various programming tools and languages. A User’s Guide offers comprehensive documentation, and Linux support is available through a separate software package (GtLinux).


  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Data Acquisition
  • Production Test
  • Portable Systems.


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3U/6U PXIe Chassis

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