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Portable Systems - DAQ848

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48 Channels of dynamic recording at up to 6.4 Mbytes per second
Analog to Digital conversion with 16-bit resolution and sigma-delta technology
Independent programmable gain per channel
Fiber-optic connection to host computer for high noise immunity
Windows based DynaDAQ software interface for system setup and data monitoring
Removable screw-type termination blocks
Data conversion down loadable in ASCII/binary format to post-process analysis programs


The DAQ848 instrumentation recorder is a data acquisition system that features high performance analog-to-digital conversion with associated signal conditioning. This instrument, coupled with a dedicated host computer running the Windows NT operating system, combine to form a complete data acquisition system.

The maximum sampling rate of the DAQ848 is 200,000 samples-per-second. Each channel contains a sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter. The sigma-delta architecture provides inherent filtering and synchronous sampling without the need for costly sample/hold amplifiers or sophisticated analog anti-aliasing filters. The DAQ848 can support aggregate data rates up to 6.4 megabytes per second.

Each channel has independently programmable input spans from ±10mV to ±10V, which is provided by an instrumentation amplifier on the input. The DAQ848 has 10 selections for the voltage-input range to ensure full utilization of the ADC´s dynamic range. An option is available to allow voltage input ranges of up to ±15 V.

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