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High Pole Count Matrix, Switching from 4 up to 32 Poles
Choice of Many Matrix Sizes
Choice of Densities From 64 up to 384 pins per module
Screened/HF Versions Available
User Configurable and Upgradeable Using Up to 12 SIM Relay Cards
Uses High Reliability Pickering Ruthenium Reed Relays For Maximum Performance
Standard or Coaxial Reed Options
Switch up to 100Volts, 1A
Built-In RS-232 Port
Built-In Self Test


The 20-550 High Pole Count Matrix Modules are designed for applications requiring a matrix which switches a large number of poles simultaneously, e.g. 4, 8, 16 or 32 pole. This module is available in many configurations (see table below for details). A screened/HF version is also available, this provides very good crosstalk shielding and has a bandwidth of up to 100MHz. All connections are via front panel high density DIN 41612 connectors, these are suitable for use with low cost ribbon cabling which allows the simple construction of high density cable looms.

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