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Switch up to 8A at 250Va.c (1 Pole)
Switch up to 5A at 250Va.c (2 Pole)
Choice of Single 10 x 5,Dual 10 x 5, Single 20 x 5 or Single 10 x 10 Configurations
Power Matrix Modules Expandable to Over 3000 Cross points
Built-In Self-Test


The 20-540 range of Power Matrix Modules are suitable for switching currents to 8A with voltages up to 250V a.c.The modules are available in a variety of configurations including single and dual 10 x 5,single 10 x 10 or single 20 x 5 configurations with 1 or 2 pole switching. The  Interfaces 20-540 range of power matrix modules are designed for applications where high density low power matrices are inadequate, typically for switching signals >1A or for situations where the matrix must withstand voltage spikes to 1kV.The highest density single pole matrices available from  Interfaces in System 10/20.The 20-530 56 x 6 and the 20-532 32 x 16 matrix modules include automatic isolation switching, plug-in expansion and built-in self-test to give complete switching confidence. They are intended for easy construction and use of large matrix systems; modules may be easily expanded to form matrices of almost any size,e.g.56 x 6, 112 x 6,224 x 12 ...448 x 24,using model 20- 530;or 32 x 16,64 x 16,128 x 32....256 x 64, using model 20-532. Main applications are for signal routing in ATE systems: between the device under test and the measurement and stimulus instruments.

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