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SCU-XPT : Switchcard for Redundant GPS-based Time Synchronization Solutions (Eurocard)

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Switchcard as a central module used in redundant GPS based time synchronization systems
Switches outputs automatically between two GPS radio clocks
Automatic switching can be disabled (manual override)
Remote management and monitoring of the switchcard is possible over the network
Supported networking protocols: IPv4, SNMP, TELNET, GPSMON32
Allows configuration and status queries via network (TCP/IP) either via SNMP or special software (GPSMON32 )
Supports SNMP requests as well as SNMP Traps (alarm messages for defined events, e.g. NOT SYNC or ANTENNA FAULTY)
10baseT/100baseT Autosensing
Encrypted communication (AES128bit) possible


The SCU-XPT switchcard manages the automatic switchover from one GPS clock to the other in redundant systems. If clock 1 looses synchronization or fails, the SCU-XPT module automatically switches over to clock 2, which then will be the so-called "Master Clock" until it fails also (only in this case the system switches back to clock 1 if it restored synchronization).

By using this functionality, technical problems and reception failures can be handled in a secure way. It is possible to connect two separate GPS antenna units to the redundant system, but a GPS antenna distributor like our GPSAV4 can be used to distribute the signals from one antenna two both involved GPS clocks (if redundancy for the antenna is not desired/needed).

With the  software GPSMON32 it is possible to change configurations or to inquire the status information of the switchcard or both GPS receivers. The necessary network parameters (IP address, netmask, default gateway) can be set via network (automatically by DHCP or manually using TELNET or our GPSMON32 software).

The status of the switchcard and the two GPS clocks can be monitored using SNMP as well. SNMP-traps and/or syslog messages are sent out if a status change occurs, if this is configured.

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