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Racal Acoustics RA7000 ELITE Hearing Protection System

Superior Hearing Protection
Exceptional Audio Intelligibility
Enhanced Local Sound Awareness

Racal Acoustics RA5001 Raptor Medium-Noise Headset

Active noise reduction (ANR) for low-frequency vehicle noise and passive noise reduction (PNR) for impulse noise; a unique adjustable strap allows users to increase the PNR when desired.
Clear monaural or binaural high-quality speech communications from radios and intercoms.
No training required for general operation.

Racal Acoustics RA195 iCombat High-Noise Headset

Racal Acoustics RA195 iCombat High-Noise Headset
Enhanced earcushion materials
Redesigned, flexible microphone boom

Racal Acoustics RA4000 Magna Digital Headset for Harsh High-Noise Environments

Comprehensive hearing protection for high-noise environments with an autonomous, battery-powered digital active noise reduction (ANR) system
Crystal-clear, high-fidelity communications
Ergonomic construction, comfortable for long durations

Racal Acoustics RA108 Slimgard II High-Noise Headset

Passive and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) versions
Compatible with close fitting ballistic helmets

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